Daily Archives: October 27, 2005

Poem: simple pleasures

new seedlings breaking soil

rough of a dry towel against my skin

hot tea on a rainy day

campfire crackle to the sound of crickets

steam rising from the bath

bougainvillea blossoms on a tile roof

warm wool socks

sunflowers following the sun across the sky

dry desert winds in august

pomegranate blossoms

sweet taste of cool water

flannel pajamas

fresh garden zucchini

lower winter creek trail

andy’s skin after a shower

scent of jasmine

iridescent color of sunlight

wind chimes on a back porch

fine sheets fresh from the dryer

hot barley soup with warm  fresh bread

fine irish linen

leon dancing

small cat in a ball of sleep

quiet as night descends

memory of fireflies
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