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Diary post: the body imprisons

i had so much to do today but i am light headed, weak, dizzy.  _my pulse races.  _i can barely sit up to write these words.  _this body imprisons.  _the garden, the view from my window is lush and green. _i have surrounded my sick bed with beauty and life. _my gilded  cage.

I am amused._Posted by blanksheet on 11/30/2005 02:07:10 AM
random props…_Posted by deidra on 12/19/2005 02:54:21 PM
My sister, Leslee, has trigeminal neuralgia. She expresses to me so much how the constant pain of her disease is hard to live with, but the loneliness it causes, is even worse. You have expressed these same insights in a way that re-opened a window for me into her world. Thank you. It is often difficult for us who do not have to live in the world of no mirrors to remember._Posted by lady on 12/20/2005 07:11:12 PM

Diary post: Who are you?

blogsource, the blog service that hosts this web page, has a feature that visitors to the site, can’t see.  it tells me how many of you visit my page every day.  it’s a new feature, so at first i felt alone in the dark, no comments posted to any of my blog entries.  how excited i was to find out that several people visit the blog every day.
_one of my favorite writers, bell hooks, talks much about reciprocity, communion and community, the need to live and grow in connection with one another, failing that, we forget who we are.  i live in danger of forgetfulness.  i need the mirror of reciprocity in order to live, love and thrive.
so, when you visit my blog, please consider leaving a comment, or for a more personal communication, send me an email.  i would love to hear how this list impacts you, what brings you to it, how often you visit.
alone in the net!

Diary post: the house screams at me from every room

Today I am very ill.  I have been almost useless this weekend.  Leon has been sick.  All my energy going towards his care, my care, rest.  I have so much to do.  My house screams at me in every room.  Unfinished chores, projects, tasks, commitments yelling at me while I try to sleep.