Diary Post: Where have i been?

Where have I been?
It’s been awhile since I posted to any of my blogs. There’s a lot going on. I’ve been much stronger, so I’ve been out more, getting things done, catching up on tasks, watching the “to do” list shrink, taking care of love, community and family, looking for work, trying to pay down bills, rebuilding Café Intifada and The WE Project, putting my life in order.
The worst of the relapse that the stresses of last year sent me into, is finally lifting. It is wonderful to have the strength to get to work. I’m still a sick woman, but the relapses last hours or days, not weeks and months. They respond to rest, yoga, therapy. I am practicing what I call radical self care. I eat organic foods as much as possible, whole grains, a rainbow of colors, and therefore a rainbow of nutrients. I get what exercise I can without hurting myself. I have discovered restorative yoga, simple resting poses that boost energy, immunity, metabolism. I am eating more raw foods. For those vegan militants, who want to tax meat, I eat meat. Actually when I don’t eat meat for extended periods of time, I get sicker. The cultural assumptions and hubris that everyone can and should be vegan is outrageous. (Though we do need to be mindful of land management, equitable distribution, environmental and health ramifications and the cost to all of us for the massive agribusiness production of meat.) I eat meat that is free range, natural, organic if possible. It isn’t easy. I don’t have much money.
Which brings me to the next task. Now that I am feeling better, I need to find work! Or rather, I need to find funds, as there is no shortage of work. There is always more to do, it’s just that social justice isn’t profitable. I’m getting the word out as to the services I can provide, the work that I am doing through my two non-profits (The WE Project and Café Intifada,) I’m writing, which sometimes pays, and can always lead to newer possibilities even when it doesn’t pay.
I received my reiki one and two certificate and am a reiki practitioner. I am looking forward to building that practice. I am available for tutoring and personal and organizational management. Check out the web pages for more information.
The WE Project: http://home.earthlink.net/~theweproject

Café Intifada http://home.earthlink.net/~cafeintifada
Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help fund this work.
Peace with justice,
It’s good to be blogging again, but even better to be out in the world!

You are an inspiration. I’m new in blogsource and I was blog jumping when I came across your page and when I read your blogs I am just awestruck by your strength and you beautiful words. I hope you will always find the drive to continue on as you’ve beautifully done so far. =)_Posted by deeg on 01/12/2006 04:19:56 AM

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