Recipe: Emma’s Salmon Casserole

 I purchased the cauliflower at the Farmers’ Market near Andy’s home in Santa Monica, last Saturday.  I used green and yellow cauliflower.  It goes wonderfully with the creamy texture of the salmon casserole.  In general, I like to use organic ingredients and I’ve been substituting salmon for tuna because it has a much lower mercury level.  “Imagine” soups can be purchased at most health food stores.  They make great sauces for a variety of dishes and simplify the cooking process.  I try to keep my foods simple and start with good ingredients.
2 cups cooked pasta shells

1 16 ox can of salmon

2 stalks celery -chopped

1 onion –chopped

15 fl oz “Imagine” organic creamy potato leek soup

2 cups cauliflower

crumbled potato chips- enough to cover the casserole.

salt to taste.

Sauté celery and onion.  Add cauliflower and salmon, including broth. Stir in soup.  Allow cauliflower to steam. Add pasta shells, salt, Stir.  Place in bake pan or casserole.  Top with potato chip crumbs.  Cook 350 degrees F. for 1 hour.

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