Diary post

Palm Springs
Andy at a conference.

Me resting with the pain and the fatigue.

We are staying at condo at a timeshare in the canyon.
Yoga in the morning.
A hot cup of tea.

Snow on the mountains
The dusting of the mountain tops.

The extreme weather of the desert.
Air so clean it almost burns my nose.
So used to the thickness of breath in Los Angeles.

Somehow I always find myself here.

I’ve been so lost lately,
So far from where I want to be.
Not so much in time or space,
Perhaps that too.

But rather, in terms of my life, my work, my health.

I am going into what promises to be a long period of solitary work, quiet moments, a more private life of writing, study and reflection.

When there is a lull in the movement, it is time for study.

The preparation for the next assault, the next defense, the next campaign.

I have been reading a lot this year, in many cases, books I should have read years ago.

Part of my illness has affected cognition and for the longest time I could not read. It is wonderful to be able to read again.

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