Diary Post: the evil of banality

It isn’t the difficulties I face that disturb me, it’s the banality of the tasks before me that seem to take up so much of my life,  that by the time I have resolved a problem, I am too tired to take on anything interesting or important, too exhausted to create anything sustaining, to build community, to stand down power.
Thursday morning, for instance, my car needed to go into the shop.  Some of the repairs were routine, but the day before, I hit the curb and the splash pan fell down and was dragging so that the car could not be driven safely.  I called my mechanic and set up an appointment to have the car repaired.  I reserved a rental so I could get to work and take care of my son and myself.  I had doctor’s appointments the next day I could not miss.  I called my auto club for a tow and they told me the truck would be there in an hour.  It was three hours and several frantic phone calls later,  when the tow truck arrived.  I was barely able to drop the car off at the mechanic,  get the rental car, and arrive at work by 2 PM.
Very little of the other work I had planned to do that day, was accomplished, I had planned to set up doctor’s appointments, pay bills, settle up other bills, work on the upcoming human rights conference, including publicity, logistics and a few new speakers.   I did make a few phone calls in the morning and attack a few of these tasks while I was waiting for the tow truck but for the most part, the morning was shot with way too little to show for it.  I worked for three hours, came home, cooked dinner and collapsed.
One day done!

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