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Recipe: Emma’s Passover Lentil Stew

Emma’s Passover Lentil Stew:
In a crock pot set to high
One handful of lentils_Two handfuls of rice_Two cartons of organic vegetarian broth_One sliced onion._A large dollop of crushed garlic
Cook for two hours.
Add four handfuls of sliced carrots, parsnips, rutabaga, turnips.
Cook two more hours.
Add two handfuls of sliced zucchini and celery, one handful of chopped parsley, a small handful of chopped  fresh sage, rosemary and lavendar.
Cook on low until after the sedar.

Counting the Omer: Day 1 5766

Last night we gathered at my home to bring in the second night of Passover.  It was a wonderful, warm and deep gathering of human rights activists of diverse backgrounds, focusing on the message of justice and redemption.  Yesterday was a long day.  Andy and I rose early to  cook a feast.  We served lamb, roasted chicken, chicken soup with matza balls, vegan soup with matza balls, lentil stew, fruit salad, the traditional, ritual foods: haroseth, horse raddish, parsley, matza.  Guests brought potluck.  We feasted.
Yesterday was the perfect Southern California day: warm, dry.  Now, a storm is blowing in.  I open the door to my bedroom and the window to my study to invite the storm into my home, as if Elijah were wind, air and water.   The storm brings with it a strong breeze, the even fall of rain, the sound on drops on pavement.  The air is heavy and moist. I become the air, the water. I cannot separate myself. It soaks me skin, wanders the length of my spine, the length of my kundalini flute.
So different from yesterday.  It was a dry winter until March.  Snow tips the mountains that I can see from the street, but not from my window, cool air walking in the openings of my home, to visit me.  The rain waves to me from outside the window, only a few drops walk past the threshold of the garden door and dot the floor.
It is quiet here.  Andy has gone to his home to work, to tend to the details of his life.  Leon returned to school after a week of the flu.  I am here with the rain, the click of computer keys, the wind and the solitude to wander the corridors of my own mind.
Today is the second day of Passover.  It is the custom of Jews to count the omer during this period of seven weeks, and to mourn and meditate on the lower 7 sefirot of the kabalistic tree of life.  I will offer over the next few weeks, my omer meditations, from a special journal.
Peace with justice and lots of love,
For more info on the omer:

Omer Journal 5766 Day 1
Chesed Shebeh Chesed: Loving kindness in loving kindness:_This year brings new possibilities what is lost is what is gained.  I no longer carry heavy relationships.  I take time for love, essential work, self care, deep personal touch.  I hold near me the deep essential.  The people I love.  The well of sustenance.