Recipe: Motza Brei

Motza is an unleavened bread that Jews eat during the Passover week.  It is a very dry bread that symbolizes the bread of affliction, the bread carried in haste as the early Hebrews escaped the brutality of slavery.  It represents the sacrifices that must be made for self-determination, self-governance, independence and justice.
I use whole wheat motza and serve it with yogurt and a fruit spread that is sweetened with fruit juice.  __________________________________________
Matzo Brei
Soak 3 motza in hot water until soggy._Drain_Scramble 5 eggs_Add one quarter cup soy milk or dairy milk_Add one tablespoon non alcoholic vanilla extract_Soak soggy motza in egg mixture_Fry, stirring occasionally.
Serve with sour cream (I use yogurt) and fruit spread.
Optional: add crushed bananas and raisins.
Andy likes to put hot sauce on my matzo brei, but I forgive him

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