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Counting the Omer: Days 5 and 6

Day 5 omer

Omer day 5
text:_hod shebe chesed,
order splendor theory order splendor theory order splendor theory,order splendor theory
hod is the road map theory in process, knowing where we are going, planning the trip, the hard work the mud the weeds, research washing the dishes, taking out the trash, the spiritual of the mundane, the sacred of the ordinary.

Day 6 of the Omer

Text:_yesod in chesed_foundation /righteousness in lovingkindness
love is communion, art embrace, sex, touch, healing, compassion, deep deep deep connection
this is the base the foundation
foundation love-universal human rights a wide circle no one on the outside- a big party- dance dance dance m arms are wide enough to love the whole world.