Counting the omer: Day 13

Day 13_Yesod (foundation- righteousness) in Gevurah (strength- discipline- limits)

Day 13
Yesod in Chesed
Rain beats down life and death_Branches reach skyward_Trees hold on to rocky cliffs_Roots dig in deep into underground aquifers_Rocks mark the passage of time and bear witness

i love these posts, emma. i am hooked!_Posted by rheim on 04/27/2006 03:47:36 AM
on the first night of the omer, rheim and i sat reading my previous frida journals (inspired by frida’s own journal; a mixture of words and images.) we had explored the tile work, my garden, the painted floors: all my creative expressions, had broken matzo for the second night of passover, and i said to her, “i must find a way to bring my art out of this house.” the next day i started this omer journal, no planning, it just emerged out of the magic of the night before. the previous journal had only a few pages left, and this one had been waiting several months to be filled. suddenly it was time. rheim makes guerrilla postcards. (that’s my name for them.) simple cards with typewritten sayings that i think are poems. (she says she isn’t a poet. i disagree.) they offer cryptic insights. these omer meditations of mine are inspired by her postcards. we met years ago at a reading i gave. this year marked our third passover together. passover sedar is always magical for me, a precious gathering of friends, activists, family and surprise guests. (we never know who will show up. the prophet elijah always brings interesting companions.) as the evening drew to a close, we wandered through my home, ending in my study, exploring books and images. so much emerges for me in that night, and often in the days of omer that follow. most of the friends that frequent the sedar year after year, aren’t jewish. they hold that space for me to mark time on an ancient calendar, the holiday that precedes the 49 days of omer, of wandering in the wilderness. some of these friends are passover friends. i hadn’t seen rheim since sedar last year. we cannot let so much time pass between visits again. -emma rosenthal_Posted by emma on 04/27/2006 04:20:06 AM

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