Counting the omer -days 11 and 12

Counting the omer- day 11

Day 11_One week and 4 days of the omer
Netzach in gevurah_Creativity, inspiration, endurance in strength, discipline, limits
This week has bee a profound week of limits, including the limits of my strength, its impact on my creativity, no lack of inspiration as I lie in bed recuperating from the conference last weekend.
I am learning to accept the limits my infirmity imposes on me and to manage the abundant inspirations I receive while waiting for the strength to carry out a fraction of them.
I have brought my activistm into smaller circles, not wandering so far, writing, blogging.
Yesterday I was too tired to do much of anything, even write in this book.  So I reviewed film for the film blog.
I launch ships from my sick bed and wait for them to return.
Day 12_Hod Shebe gevurah

Counting the omer- day 12

Day 12_Hod Shebe gevurah
Theory, order, splendor
in boundaries, strength, limits________________________________
This is the ugly
part of truth
the scar that marks
the place of healing
the written memory
of steel and gut
the point of the wound
what must be done
what remains
what is lost
the rigid demarcation.

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