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Counting the omer: day 14

Malchut in Gevurah
This is the map of my heart, the limit and expanse, the hope for connection, the resignation and despair, the recognition of the separation.  We are broken apart.  Made whole together.  I wait for you, the tribe, the people.  When will we dance by fire light, tell stories, sing songs, bathe in ritual baths, paint history on walls of ancient clay and sand?

text:_Day 14_Two weeks of the omer
kingdom sovereignty grounding in strength discipline and limits
These daily musing flashing images are limited to the free flow of pen and pencil on empty pages I cannot plan
These manifestations do not come from rational thought.  It is only in the limitless bounds of deep dense inner corridors that this light emerges. The moment I intend for something to emege, everything is lost in the limits of rational intentionality. I am not a draftsman  I cannot draw on commission.  Mine is the sky the place where the rainbow seem to touch the land but does not.
A patchwork of possibilities a crazy quilt of life.  this is not a tessellation of patterned predictability.

dearest rheim,  so glad to know we share this space.  love, emma

thank you for making your space so generous and welcoming!_Posted by rheim on 04/28/2006 05:27:22 AM