Counting the omer: entering tiferet!

Day 15 of the omer

The week of gevurah is a tough week.  It requires focusing on limits, boundaries, strength, discipline.  Tonight we begin the week of tiferet; balance, beauty, harmony.  Tiferet is the heart (Each sephira corresponds to a place on the body, similar to ayurvedic chackras.) Beauty is in the heart, the place of love, for what we love is truly beautiful.  I feel at war with the world so much of the time, gripped in fear and grief for the impending loss, for what is already gone.  I fight so hard, a battle I doubt we can win so powerful are the forces against us, so easily we are divided, so self-defeating, so small against this giant death machine.
This week I can put that all away.
Another world is possible.  The proof is in my garden.
Day 15- two weeks and one day of the omer.
Lovingkindness in beauty_Chesed in tiferet

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