Counting the omer: day 16

<><> Text                                                                                                                       Today is day 16_Two weeks and two days of the omer_Gevurah in Tiferet_Limits, strength, discipline in beauty balance harmony
Today I feel empty and broken_Worn down_Ordinary tasks and the void of human kindness overwhelm
I am out of place.  I feel as f I fit in no where, except maybe in Andy’s arms, but he’s in New York this weekend.  I am grounded and my legs are frozen twigs.  I am to tired
Too tired
The world spins around me
I am dizzy –invisible.
Today I cannot see beauty do not feel balance only the great void.
These are the days we always feared.  We live in dangerous times.  How to dance in the light when I have no legs?
Only masses of people bring new possibilities these greedy ones cannot prevail forever.

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