Disabled Activists and May 1

Disabled Activists and the Great Boycott: When Walking Requires Strategy

This is the biggest strike, the biggest mass action in U.S. . history. Many of us are giving up a days pay to support the boycott. Not to be able to attend could be very isolating, but to participate with a disability could be extremely problematic.
For those of us who are disabled, participating in the demonstration takes extra planning. Coordinate rides with friends if walking or rolling long distances is an issue. Do not depend on public transportation or anyone’s employment (busses, taxis, access paratransit) or any of the programs that usually allow us to access our society. There’s a good chance the busses won’t be running, the trains won’t be running and that access programs will also not be running, as the workers that perform these services will probably also be on strike. Be careful not to get stranded somewhere waiting for a bus or ride that never comes. plan for this contingency. What would be an inconvenience for the able bodied could be a safety or a health threat for many of us. You may want to bring extra medication, water and food.
Traveling long distances, negotiating huge crowds (they could exceed one million,) parking, etc. are very problematic for me. But like many disabled activists, the isolation of staying home, can be overwhelming. I don’t want this just to be a day without pay. I want to be in the heart of it, feel the beat of it, the pulse of it. I’ve been organizing my whole life and it’s painful to sit these mass demonstrations out. So, I plan to join the mass action without walking, by painting the windows of my car with statements of solidarity, driving near the demonstrations honking my horn.
Just some thoughts.
Peace with justice,
(from occupied Aztlan)

Just wanted to let you know that I just found your blog, and I love it. I also wanted to tell you that I will be with you in spirit Monday, but I’m playing golf with rich people Monday. If you knew me, that would be funny, but the truth is, I’ve already spent my hard-earned money for a golf tournament for the small Catholic school I work for, and I rarely ever get to play golf. I know it is just excuses, but they’re mine. I’ll be back to learn more about it._Posted by conqueringchaos on 04/29/2006 11:42:20 PM

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