Diary Post: May Day; Intifada Aztlan

<> What an amazing day yesterday was!  Millions of people in the street.  May Day redemption.
. An Aztlan Intifada.
. (Aztlan is a Nauatl word that refers to the region of the U.S. Southwest that was stolen from Mexico after the Mexican American War.  To Chicanos: occupied American.   Intifada is Arabic.  It literally means to shake off.  It also means uprising, especially in reference to an occupation.)
I was able to participate in the tail end of the march via an old wheelchair, with Leon pushing me. I really need a scooter or a decent wheel chair (but the indignities of insurance approval for a wheel chair is another story.)
.  Andy marched both marches, exhausted when we met up with him toward the end of the day.
. I painted my car using a product called glass chalk.  I haven’t figured out how to get it off the windows yet. I’ll save that for tomorrow.
. Peace with justice,
. From occupied Aztlan
. Emma!
Justicia para todos                                                                     Justice for all
<> . Intifada Aztlan                                                                   ¡Huelga! (strike!)
Intifada Aztlan

<> .
Celebrate diversity
Celebrate diversity                                                  Atzlan libre (Free Aztlan)

         <>             Aztlan Libre

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