Counting the Omer: Day 20

<>  Day 20_Two weeks and six days of the omer
(Actually, yesterday was day twenty.  I did this drawing then, but wasn’t strong enough to post it until today, having put what energy I had, into posting to one of my other blogs, photos from the gran marcha on Monday.  )

I haven’t sketched today’s omer meditation.  I hope to get to that later today.  I am feeling a bit stronger, but have fallen behind in so many other matters of my life, that I need to tend to.

<>Text_Day 20
foundation, righteousness in beauty, harmony, balance
I was very tired today, –didn’t make it in to work.  I’m finally strong enough to sit up in bed
a day of small victories
resignation to the inevitable_aggressive rest
Pushy recovery
sleep sleep sleep
the garden grows.  there is little I have to do to let things grow.  plant the seedlings, fertilize, water, weed,
wait, wait, wait

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