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Counting the omer: Day 23

Text:_(it’s underneath the ink.)
Today is 23 days of the omer  three weeks and two days of measuring barley the discipline of counting writing meditation.
gevurah in netzach
strength limits discipline in endurance creativity  inspiration
the limits of the page_the limits of these times_the limits of space_the limits of resources_the limits of love the limits of commitment_the limits of the schools_the limits of my body the limits of hope _the limits of capitalism
the strength of love the strength of tenacity the strength of endurance the strength of faith the strength of hope the strength of collective energy and collaboration the strength of determination the strength of intelligence the strength of creativity the strength of human spirit the strength of water air fire and song
sing with me so  i don’t feel so alone
i am afraid of the dark.
discipline is the act of doing through will what must be done what can’t be done what must be done it is antithesis of impulse it is determined it is to the day what wool is to the cloth.  spin spin spin weave weave weave
for thousands of years we have grown barley on this round stone in space and scribbled words on paper stone or papyrus  there is much to be told but I have filled the page.

Diary Post: emergent process

text:  until justice runs down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream – martin luther king jr
from my frida journal  5.6.06
my frida journals (including the omer journal) are inspired by (of course) frida’s own journal, a mixture of drawings, paintings and words, often stream of consciousness.  it’s really a wonderful book: hers.  i highly recommend it.
in my frida journals, i either start with words that inspire artistic form, or forms which usually inspire words.  it is free association, stream of consciousness, right brain energy.  i cannot plan what will emerge.  i just get into the gestalt, the zen of the markers, pencils and crayons and spirit and energy creates form, emerges words, thought, clarity.