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Week 4 Day 29

Text_Week 4 Day 29     four weeks and one day of the omer
the beginning of the week of hod
order and theory
hard work_the danger of detachment_rational thought_the origin of hegemony
if left unchecked: patriarchy, prisons rigidity, marshal law
hod in balance is space, form, a container, exercise, ritual, routine
it is the quill that holds the ink_the brush that holds the paint
the pause that holds the thought
chesed in hod:  lovingkindness in order, theory
the work of love, tending to the garden, being the one that those i love can count on_ eating well_ preparing good meals waiting for bread to rise.
chicken soup
Day 30

Text:_Day 30_gevurah in hod
reminds me of abraham the patriarch unchecked  willing to kill sacrifice his son to the authority the law the command sends out ishmael and hagar into the wilderness with only a loaf of bread and a skin of wine.
gevurah desicpline limits strength
theory order splendor
the regalia without beauty balance lovingkindness creativity intuition
daddy’s coming home  –now you’re in trouble
this is the seat of power a day of limits restrictions laws obedience this is not my home i cannot live here.
on a day like today i am a flower blooming in a crack in the pavement  i am sunlight breaking through a prison window  i am rain cloud in a drought i am an island in a sea of despair
scripture often reflects the brutality of hegemony
this is a rigid space  the only response is to dance
are you revolutionary or enforcer?