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Counting the Omer: Day 31

Counting the omer:_Day 31_four weeks and three days of the omer

Text:_Day 31_tiferet in hod
beauty  balance  harmony _                    (oops)_     in_                                (oops)_order theory glory
(oops)                    (oops)
each drawing is a journey. hod is the discipline to begin, follow through, to finish._(oops)_tiferet is the road the path_                    (oops)_hod is the desire to be great_(oops)                                (oops)_tiferet is the willingness to look foolish_(oops)                            (oops)
the lessons_(oops)            (oops)_the surprises
the possibilities                (oops)_(oops)_the choices(oops)
(oops)_the discover
the hopes anticipation coincidence_the serendipity of error
(oops) (oops) (oops) (oops) (oops) (oops) (oops) (oops) (oops) (oops) (oops)

Counting the omer: Day 32

Day 32_Netzach in Hod

Text:_day 32_the reason for what we do
netzach in hod
creativity  inspiration endurance
theory glory order
the why of our existence
the meeting place of action and intentionality
what lies beneath the surface tells the story
the gate to the sanctuary
tears of sarah
the rage of abraham
the well of miriam
can the prophet endure all that she sees
come in come in come in

Diary Page: the inner landscape

i am traveling the inner landscape
the garden of love and sustenance
the mountains of mystery (a peak experience!) –my secret cave_(my other secret cave)
the desert of despair _the well of deep thoughts and new beginnings
the road of regret (leading to the graveyard of lost lives loves and options)
waves of opportunity in the ocean of possibility _(the deep –tohu vohu)
the beach of rejuvenation
the highway of destiny
the forest of hopes and dreams_the invisible chalice of thought (a gift from andy)
the bumpy road of life on the way to the land of serendipity
the community of shared dreams hopes and wishes _a community of thoughtful intentionality_(the collective sub-conscience)
the river of life_the tributary of trust
fields of plenty