Counting the Omer: Day 31

Counting the omer:_Day 31_four weeks and three days of the omer

Text:_Day 31_tiferet in hod
beauty  balance  harmony _                    (oops)_     in_                                (oops)_order theory glory
(oops)                    (oops)
each drawing is a journey. hod is the discipline to begin, follow through, to finish._(oops)_tiferet is the road the path_                    (oops)_hod is the desire to be great_(oops)                                (oops)_tiferet is the willingness to look foolish_(oops)                            (oops)
the lessons_(oops)            (oops)_the surprises
the possibilities                (oops)_(oops)_the choices(oops)
(oops)_the discover
the hopes anticipation coincidence_the serendipity of error
(oops) (oops) (oops) (oops) (oops) (oops) (oops) (oops) (oops) (oops) (oops)

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