Counting the omer: days 33 and 34

Lag B’Omer
Day 33 of the omer is L’ag B’Omer.  It is the only day in the 49 days of the counting of the  omer when marriages are permitted, along with other celebrations and hair cuts.  Otherwise it is generally a time of mourning and reflection.  I won’t go into the entire folklore and mythology here, for those who want more information, I would suggest a simple on line search.
Picnics are also the custom during this day, as is matchmaking.  In the Kaballistic tradition it is hod in hod, or order in order.  I chose to focus on love and new beginnings, quoting from the book; Song of Songs, a beautiful biblical love song.  I find hod the pinnacle of patriarchy and rigidity so hod in hod offered me very little sustenance and I have had the other six days this week to look at what it can offer in combination with love, art, creativity, endurance, inspiration etc. and how it must be resisted when combined with law, monarchy, strength, discipline and righteousness.

Lag B’Omer
30 days of the omer
I am the rose of Sharon the lily of the valley  -song of songs 2:1
The mandrake fragrance emanates and at our gate are many pleasant fruits  which I have laid out for you.  –song of songs 7:13
I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine. –song of songs 2:16
Come my beloved let us go into the fields.  Let us lodge in the villages, let us get up early to the vineyards.  Let us see the vines flourish whether the tender grape appears and the pomegranate buds forth.  There I will give you my love.  –song of songs  7:11-7:12
34 days of the omer
yesod in hod

Text:_34 days of the omer_yesod in hod
foundation  righteousness
order theory splendor
justification of hegemony_the foundation of law and order_reason_power_the sword in the stone_the brick in the wall_the key in the lock_the boot in the neck_the kick in the ass_the illusion of justice_the acrid smell of burning flesh_the bullet in the barrel_the fist in the glove_the scraper in the sky_the blade in the quiver_the flag on the coffin_the sins of the father_the wealth of nations_the barb in the wire
the death machine_misogyny_dogma catechism doctrine_the law the law the law the law_an eye for an eye_the bomb_the bomb_the bomb_the bottom line_the profit margin_money talks_genetic modification_the green revolution_in god we trust_mushroom cloud

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