Counting the Omer: day 38

38 days of omer

Text_38 days of the omer
five weeks 3 days of the omer
beauty balance harmony
the foundation of righteousness
if i were a tree i would want to be an aspen connected deep within the ground to all the others _a community of breath and depth
beauty without foundation is vanity façade illusion fleeting disconnected unreal commodity
all that is real is what exists between us the distance we bridge to connect
the bridge_the wire_the strand_the beat_the hope _the wisper_the idea_the memory_touch_kiss_breath_depth_embrace
it’s a busy world we don’t seem to have time for each other_truth_what lies beneath the surface

<> ____________________

I found your blog today….. it’s strange considering the fact that you’ve been posting for a long time now…. it’s even stranger considering how religiously I follow the blog directory from time to time…. Anyways, loved your posts…. stepped back, went right to the beginning and started reading from the introduction…. kept reading until I reached here…. that’s when, I guess, I realized that I must put a comment ….. Once upon a time, I used to get my eyes drenched and my heart trenched in Frida’s work…. it was like a reincarnation to me….. will definitely return to this terrible white canvas of yours for YOUR future posts…. smile. _Posted by clown on 05/22/2006 02:51:19 AM

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