Counting the Omer: Day 39

Text:_39 days_five weeks 4 days of the omer
netzach within yesod
creativity endurance inspiration
the foundation of righteousness
paradise is what we create_a tapestry of fine thread and delicate fiber_a garden of luscious fruit_libraries of ancient texts_and new ideas_stories told at the rim of campfires
mountain springs of crystal clean water
the dance of children_the rainbow of paint_on_cascades of the canvas
flute_piano_cello_ a harmony of collective vision imagery

Did the clown say to you yesterday that he loves the work of Frida….. well, don’t believe him… its me who used to have some of her paintings…. he stole them…. and now claims to people that he had gone through them…. I loved your posts._Posted by other-clowns on 05/23/2006 01:58:06 PM
Oh! My wretched ol’ alter ego, spreading all the wrong rumours about me…. trust me, Emma, I really used to have her paintings myself….. and had nothing to do this other clown._Posted by clown on 05/23/2006 02:01:41 PM
Hah! Don’t worry mate, she won’t believe you._Posted by other-clowns on 05/23/2006 02:04:07 PM

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