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Counting the Omer: Days 40-41

<>Day 40

<>Hod shebe Yesod

how to be whole how to be whole_in a broken world_a jigsaw world of broken connections_alliances promises loyalties hopes bodies
even when we touch we can be so far away
day 40 splendor theory order
the foundation of righteousness
hod shebe yesod
It is hard to tend to art when there are bread and butter needs
how to bring art and justice into every day life
how to live a whole life_how to tend to work_how to find sustaining work that doesn’t take away from who I am_doesn’t strip away at my essential tasks _essential self
how to be whole in a broken body
being right doesn’t put food on the table_being right doesn’t make house; home
<>Day 41

<> yesod shebe yesod
the foundation of righteousness in the foundation of righteousness