Counting the omer: Day 42

42 Days of the omer

it is the body that leaves the soul
i am frankenstein’s monster_i am kafka’s roach_i am virginia’s lighthouse_i am shakespear’s shrew_i am frida’s journal_i am diego’s calla lilies_i am sor juana’s poems_i am lot’s wife_    and his daughters
i am miriam’s well_i am jesus’ sandal_i am john’s head_i am samson’s hair_i am judith’s knife_i am ethel’s child_i am mary’s blood_I am hope_I am fear_i am promise_i am betrayal_i am tenacity_i am lost_i am wandering_i am heaven_i am hell_i am ancient_i am recent_i am the candle_i am the wick_i am the flame _i am the lamp_i am the lightning bolt_i am the firefly_i am the north star i am bioluminescence_42 days of the omer_malchut shebe yesod

I loved the title of this work. smile._Posted by other-clowns on 05/26/2006 01:41:07 AM

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