Counting the Omer: Day 48

i _now _know_i can break tablets_on_mountain tops
defy the law_the hegemony
the rule of kings
if one is not counted to rise with us to the top of the mountain, just one excluded from the law or sacrificed for it_It cannot be the work of the creator spirit wonder of all
i pray to the ancestors  frida khalo  emma goldman leon trotsky (I confess) diego rivera  virginia woolf , miriam the prophet  moses (on a good day)  Judith the warrior  rosa luxemburg paolo freire harriet tubman lilith those who show the way
i cannot climb out of bed some days but even then i know i can break tablets on mountain tops and defy those who clam the words of gods.
i am the first born sacrificed on the mountain top.  nothing else will ever do me harm.
yesod shebe malchut
48 days of the omer_six weeks six days of the omer.

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