Counting the omer: the end of the journey

The last day of the omer_day 49

text:_the journey is over I have just begun
my life is not what it might appear to be _behind the beauty of my random strokes lies an inner agony _evil images invade my deepest sleep _brutal thugs wage war against my deepest hopes _what is the color of fear? how bitter is it? _the next few months demand transformation_the current realities cannot support me_each stroke of pen is indulgence _i cannot afford food or medicine_this city costs too much.
something must give
my skin explodes. i am a bomb
capitalism is the fuse
i implode
i want a quiet simple life _i am tired of the fight for bread and home
my contradictions with capitalism are not theoretical
today is day 49 of the omer
marking seven weeks of the omer
grounding in grounding I am waiting to land

_my broken pieces_falling_falling_falling_i am the broken one they threw away so long ago_they journey is dark and i am so alone_shadows dance on walls and scream my name
I hope you find some hope to be hoped for…… dissillusionment is a deadly virus…. it could make way even inyo your tomato seeds….. please, smile. _Posted by clown on 06/02/2006 03:58:33 AM

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