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Ableism in the Human Rights Community Part XI

Committee Chair: Steve Seal

——– Original Message ——–_Subject:     [utla-hrc-discussion] re: Respect_Date:     Mon, 14 Aug 2006 09:12:24 -0700_From:     steve seal
Hello all,
Well since the retreat is still on the minds of the committee I think I would like to say something.  Emma has a disability that stops her from many activities.  (you can look it up on google to see the symptoms). She has been a vibrant member of our committee and I wish to thank her for all her work, particularly on the last two conferences which would not have happened without her guiding vision and tireless work.  We do need to be responsive to the needs of people with disabilities both in our committee and in the larger society.  I think this is a given and that since it has become a large issue we need to address it–possibly in the larger union structure as well.
The events of that day have been laid out and we all know what happened from many different points of view.  Obviously we need to be more sensitive to each others concerns in many areas.  This is something we all must be aware of in our future dealings and events.  I think at this point it is time to move forward rather than continue to relive the past.  We need to learn from our history and find the common ground that brought us all together in the first place.  It is time to put principles before personalities.
I think we can move on by acknowledging the needs of our members and by entering in discussion on the larger issues surrounding this debate–those of respect and community.  Human rights are not only larger societal issues but are those that affect us daily in all our work.  Let us acknowledge this and continue to work together for the good of our world, our community, and ourselves.
I look forward to having everyone play a role in our work over the next year beginning with preparation for the HRC/CAMS conference in November and our need to bring in new members.  Let us go peacefully but with determination and focus.
See you soon

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