Ableism in the Human Rights Committee Part XVI

September 08 2006 (14:55:00) US/Pacific

This meesage was posted to the HRC list by Committee Chair, Steve Seal
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Julie and Josh are two officers within the Union.
——– Original Message ——–
Subject: [utla-hrc-discussion]re: HRC issuesDate: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 20:54:02 -0700From: steve seal
Hello all,
I feel it is time to come together and discuss all of the negativity that has been lingering around our committee since the summer.  I would like to have a meeting with our core group to address some of the issues and try to come to an understanding about what we need to do to survive as a committee.  It is important for us to come to a consensus about what we need to do to focus on the future and to stop dwelling in the past.  There have been a series of allegations and responses that need to be addressed. I am looking to have a meeting in the next couple of weeks to try and deal with what is going on in a positive and supportive manner.  I am going to ask Julie and Josh to moderate if they are available.  I will give some dates once I have a conversation with them.  It will be important for all of you to be present so that we can succeed and move on together.
si se puede

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