Ableism in the Human Rights Community- Continued: Sabotage

Making the Case
When this conflict began, It was hoped that through dialogue we could resolve these issues and at least find a way to work together.  It is clear to me now, that this is going to be an ongoing battle, that will need at the very least, the interference of other Committees, UTLA officers.  I still hope that this can be achieved without going outside of the internal mechanisms of the Union.
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Yesterday I submitted the following message to Committee Chair, Steve Seal, off list, in response to his suggestion that a meeting be held to discuss the problems in the Committee.
Emma_——– Original Message ——–
Subject: : Re: [utla-hrc-discussion] re: HRC issuesDate: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 06:49:14 -0700From: Emma Rosenthal Reply-To: emmarosenthal@earthlink.netOrganization: earthlinkTo: Steve Seal
CC: Andy Griggs
I appreciate your support on the ongoing issues of discrimination and disability rights that seem to be the source of resentment focused on my and my assertion of those rights, and I really empathize with the difficult position you find yourself in as Committee Chair.   But I am inclined to agree with Linda that a meeting to discuss the situation would perpetuate the hostility and abuse that I have had to endure and that has devastated me emotionally and physically.
These are not merely issues of the past, but ongoing attempts to marginalize me and prevent my participate in the Committee on any level and a more unequivocal and assertive response to these attacks is needed from you and other leaders in the union.
It is my understanding that posting the email addresses collected at La Quinta, to the listserve and forwarding the contact info of those interested in working on the upcoming  “joint” HRC/CAMS  conference on to “Ethel” and “Gilroy”,  were well within my responsibilities as moderator of the list. Am I not correct?  If so,  how is that an imposition on the group or the upcoming conference, as stated by “Gilroy” in two emails to me that I have since forwarded to you?   It would appear that “Gilroy” seems to feel that any participation on my part, even carrying out my assigned tasks in maintaining a listserve, is an imposition.  Not having received any clarification from “Gilroy” or “Ethel” on any of my inquiries or Andy’s as well, on these accusations leads me to assume that this position is official CAMS policy and that CAMS feels it is within its rights as the leadership of the upcoming “joint” conference  (as WAS clarified by “Ethel”)  to impose these value on our committee as well.   “Gilroy’s” emails, with no supporting evidence of the accusations seem like a deliberate attempt to intimidate me and shut me out. Without clear, repeated and assertive contradictions to his assertions, I am afraid their bullying may  prevail.  Already, in order to de-escalate the conflict and to avoid further embarrassment, harassment and ridicule, I have found myself pulling back from full Committee participation.
A response from you to “Gilroy”, letting him know that he is out of order is necessary, and I hope that a similar message has been conveyed to “Camille” for her refusal to return to me the sign in sheets at La Quinta; another example of a refusal on the part of members of this Committee to work with me, to acknowledge the right of the committee itself to assign tasks to members, and to sabotage and undermine my efforts and membership.    It is not enough that she finally returned the sign-in sheets to you after four other committee members  told her to turn them over.  As I am the one responsible for the lists, these sheets should have been returned to me as I requested them at the meeting at La Quinta, in which “Camille” was in attendance.  There was no reason for her to hold on to the lists in the first place.  She had expressed no interest, provided no input in any discussion regarding recruitment and is not one of the list moderators.
Additionally, “Clarence’s” behavior at La Quinta, and his intentional attempt to disrupt our meeting by wearing a sexually offensive, sexist T-shirt with the expressed intention of provoking a reaction from me, (as documented by Linda)  is not only sexual harassment but an attempt to sabotage the Committee’s efforts to conduct business and hold a scheduled meeting. “Clarence’s” behavior , along with that of “Gilroy’s,” “Ethel’s” and “Camille’s” at La Quinta, along with the ongoing support of “Mildred”,  are consistent with a campaign of discrimination and the imposition of a hostile working environment towards me because of my disability and my assertion of my rights.
You said to me that you see me as an integral and important part of this Committee. If so, then you need to make  it  known that this Committee will not support this type of bigotry and discrimination and their actions and emails are out of order.  Enforcing established laws and policy regarding disability, civil rights and discrimination does not need a vote, a meeting or a discussion.  They require action.

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