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Ableism in the Human Rights Committee

The Elephant in the Livingroom– if we don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist
“Ethel” posts a message to the list regarding an event at the Southern California Library.  “Mildred”  posts a response to the list that goes on to discuss the upcoming HRC meeting scheduled for September 27.
So, while a previous post of hers states:
“It is better to talk together face to face.respectfully and treat each other as comrades. No one has a monopoly on suffering or militancy. None of us disagrees with becoming more sensitive and ending of all descrimination, but we have yet to arrive at a process of respect and humanity and not pidgeonhole each other in ways that show we really do not know each other at all.”
below, she suggests an all together different approach.  It would appear that both admonitions, not to discuss on line and not to discuss in a meeting face to face, are two sides to the same coin:  a stonewalling of any real discussion and debate and a real accounting of the issues and demands facing this committee on the issues of disability rights, assertions and on sexual harassment and sexism.
But then, given the silence on “Clarence’s” choice to wear a sexist and sexually explicit t-shirt  to a HRC meeting, with the expressed purpose of provoking and upsetting me, it would appear that we are operating under the sexist double standard that there are good girls and bad girls: where good girls are seen as innocent, and bad girls, like those who interrupt a meeting to assert their rights (albeit gracelessly) get what they deserve.
Underlined and in bold text; emphasis, mine.
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Subject: Re: [utla-hrc-discussion] Fwd: So. Cal. Library: New documentary on Victor Jara this SaturdayDate: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 11:58:41 -0700 (PDT) “Ethel”-  The So Ca library has an uncanny habit of scheduling events when I could not go!  This Sat evening at 6:00 at the 1st Unitarian Church on 8th St just east of Vermont is an event that I’m committed to (Do come), Rosemary is coming . A highly honored former Pres of Costa Rica is speaking after a  typical Cent Amer. dinner. I’ll forward a flier. That same evening at Immanuel Church 5 min away is Amy Goodman.I don’t know if I explained why  I couldn’t make it to the CAMS event -ill.
I’ve got the book and will read it during my vacation. Since Iw won’t be at the 27th HRC committee meeting, hope some sane people will go and insist on not discussing the retreat and its aftermath at that ocassion.  If they insist, then  “Camile” has said there should be a mass exit. Let them deal with the destruction of the committee.