Diary Post: Good to be writing again

December 08 2006 (21:43:00) US/Pacific

I am home now.  Andy is at work.  It is morning.  The house is pristine as it waits to find its new inhabitants.  I spend my last few weeks in my garden.  I will have to make a new home, bring new beauty to a new location.
A few days ago, I was frustrated by my limitations, feeling as if my life has produced nothing,
Linda asks me; “What is your path?”
I know my path.  But how can I follow it with the current objective realities?
Andy reminds me:  “Look how much you have accomplished just getting your house ready, how much you have done in helping me organize mine.”
So I am an accomplished and talented……..
Punchline please……..
Yes, not everyone is good at that.  But I do want more.  I do need more.
My time and strength is limited.
What can be done, realistically, kindly, honestly, simply
I want to work on my writing.
I want to find a home that supports our work.
I want to begin to build community._I want to bring art and activism together.
I want to bridge the gap between justice and healing.
I want to study.
Slow down.
It is good to be writing again.

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