Monthly Archives: June 2007


Kudos!!!!__California Credit Union!!!!__I’m starting a new feature (a new tag) for this blog called Kudos; a simple recognition of those organizations, individuals and businesses that are gimp friendly.  __My first kudos goes out to the California Credit Union, Pasadena Branch.  I first walked into that branch at the end of last September to secure a car loan.  The entry from the street and the parking lot were both accessible, but the bathroom, which was available to the customers was not.  I mentioned this to both the loan agent and the manager.  At first I was told that banks don’t customarily provide restrooms to customers but I pointed out that if they provide restrooms to the public, they have to provide them to all of the public.  I also pointed out that if they don’t have accessible restrooms then that also means that they don’t hire people with disabilities and that would mean that if they were to become disabled they would have to find a new place to work.  I added that this was a basic human rights issue.    I think they were both a bit bewildered.  People just don’t think about this until it happens to them or someone close to them.  __I left the credit union and didn’t give it another thought.  But today I walked into the CU to make a deposit and noticed that both restrooms were now fully accessible—state of the art!  __Way to go California Credit Union!!!!!!__I don’t know if it was something I said, but someone decided that a change needed to be made and made it.__Rather quickly, I might add!