Suddenly Last Summer – Introduction


Last summer I found myself on Andy’s rollercoaster, as he bounded from one conference to another across the country and the globe.  Summer is when the teachers’ unions have their national  and international conventions.  It was quite the whirlwind, and a few events were so life changing, overwhelming and in some cases devastating, I am only now beginning to write about them, hence the title, “Suddenly Last Summer.”  I would be a terrible journalist.  I cannot keep deadlines.  Like so many women; Virginia Woolf’s Judith Shakespeare (A Room of One’s Own,)  Obligations of family, health, finances are real impediments to creativity, outreach and expression.  Often it is difficult to find the time and the space to write.  And then there is the internal process.  Some of these events were so painful I am only now able to begin to document these events.


Also, this year, I focused on graphic arts, specifically photography.  Taking classes and developing new skills detracted from my writing and blogging.  Another impediment was the death threats.  I was afraid to write of anything in the present, or to give details of my comings and goings, where I lived, who I was with.  The criminality of my persecutors forced me into my own underground existence.  This was a difficult year of isolation, reflection and fear.

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