In My Language, By Amanda Baggs

I just discovered Amanda Baggs on youtube.  Also the blogger, at,  

Her writing and videos are creative, human and speak to the experience of people with disabilities in general, people with autisism specifically.  

She dedicates an entire page to her medical documentation, for those arrogant members of “normal” society, who can’t believe that someone can be disabled and also extremely brilliant and articulate.  


This speaks to my own thesis; that we all benefit from full inclusion, the insistence that each human being has value and her existence and work (paid or otherwise) contributes to our greater humanity.

This is a very important utube film about language, humanity, communication.  Please note, that this film maker chose to close caption her video so more people could have access to the information.  Few youtube videos provide this service, denying this service to people who don’t fit within the  auditory or cognitive  norms  of society.  

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