Jack in the Box Commercial: insults to PWDs go bilingual


The latest Jack in the Box commercial, for their new mini sirloin burgers, features mini cowboys on mini horses, herding mini cattle, to country western style music, (a corrido in the Spanish commercial– someone is working overtime on cultural sensitivity and awareness!)  

The mini cattle of course, are simply scaled down, the mini horses are miniature horses, but the mini people are little people, with munchkin voices.  

While dwarfs,  arguably, aren’t disabled, this type of ridicule is indicative of and consistent with attitudes toward pwds, and  the attitudes toward anyone who does not conform to the specific physical norm.  Discriminatory attitudes have more to do with social constructs and values, then real differences.  (Got wings?)  Apparently laughing at non-normative bodies is good for business!  I doubt that they went to all this effort to reach out the little people market!

you can see it here, in English or Spanish, then contact the company at that link, and let them know what you think of this insulting exploitation of the human condition. 

(Scroll over, Spanish is the las commercial, English is the penultimate one. )


3 responses to “Jack in the Box Commercial: insults to PWDs go bilingual

  1. I agree with the original post. The commercials are insulting, mostly because of the munchkin voice.

    As for “where’s the harm,” well, I have a friend who’s a dwarf, and she has to deal with these stereotypes all the time. She happens to be a really cheerful person, but even she gets tired of being treated like a toy.

  2. LOVE the ad! It’s not making fun of little people, it’s about scale. Tiny horses, little people, “cows the size of schnauzers,” and mini-burgers. Where’s the harm? No animals were harmed, the actors were paid, burgers are selling. Ah, capitalism at its finest. We must tolerate all voices and laugh when we can. Political correctness only perpetuates sameness…and sameness is freakin’ boring.

  3. I think this commercial is really funny. Little horses,little people, little whatever! Get over it. I think Burger Kings Big Square butts rap is much more offending,,,but still funny….Get off your high-horses and laugh, there is much more to worry about (like ….Obama’s “can’t raise your voice to terrorist” What happens if they attack us again….use feathers to tickle them to death….
    We need to worry about what is/can/will happen if we can no longer enjoy the simple pleasures. GET OVER IT

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