CRAIGSLIST has a community enforcement program, where members of the community can flag an ad that violates law or other sensibilities. The organization A Place Called Home, has several job “opportunities” that have CLEARLY discriminatory critieria:

“hysical and Mental Demands
• Able to work in chaotic and high noise level environment typical of a youth center
• Sit and walk throughout the day /Stand and walk for several consecutive hours during class time
• Lift up to 20 pounds occasionally
• Speech and hearing within normal ranges; speech clarity sufficient for standard face to face and telephone communications ”

Follow this link to all of these ads, click on each one, and flag it as prohibited (menu on upper right corner of the ad.)



  1. Sorry, I guess I don’t know enough about this work environment to see how those constitute “CLEARLY discriminatory criteria”. They seem like fairly reasonable job requirements for a “youth center”.

    It’s the nature of capitalism that they aren’t going to hire a deaf, mute, wheelchair user for this position when it means that they’d have to completely re-organize the work environment and hire a second employee (or perhaps purchase adaptive technology) to translate for the deaf/mute receptionist.

    So, is your issue here that disabled people aren’t fully integrated into the existing economy? And, if so, isn’t that a bit tautological? I mean, if there were socio-economic parity, then we wouldn’t be disabled. (No matter what physical or psychological dis-eases you may believe, or have been told, that you are afflicted with.)

    And, if I correctly understand your issue, then is THIS victory in this particular battle really a goal worth agitating for… I mean, what are the logical ends? Couldn’t we just leap-frog to there? If we really want to get the disabled into the economy then why not fight for a piece of the military-industrial complex? There are warplanes now that basically fly themselves… So, there is no reason that anyone with any physical or mental impairment shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy full participation in what is perhaps the most important aspect of our national culture.

    Let’s set our sights on something BIG. Be reasonable, demand the ‘impossible’!

    It would be great if leading disability rights advocates such as yourself could endorse our cause and let’s turn a “Small insurrection” into a BIG one. 😀

    Thanks for your time.

    Mogoloids for a New American Century

    Crips Can B Cannon-fodder 2

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