End of year greeting and appeal

This blog, In Bed With Frida Kahlo, is a project of The WE Project. Here is a bit more of what we do.  Please consider supporting us with a donation so we can continue our work.

December 2010

Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,

This has been a very busy and significant year for The WE Project/IHC which is now at home at our own DragonflyHill Urban Farm and Conference Center; a 1914 Craftsman duplex situated in the Westlake section of Echo Park.  We’ve initiated several programs and look forward to expanding them in the coming year.  We urge you to include us in your end of the year charitable donations so we can continue with these efforts.

DragonflyHill Urban Farm and Conference Center and The WE Project Programs and Services:

DragonflyHill includes The Studios Space, and The Purple Barn at DragonflyHillThe Urban Farm and The Museum House.

The Studio Space houses The WE Project which provides a variety of services to the greater community:conference space, overnight accommodations for speakers and out of town activists, classes,tutoring, individual and organizational consulting,  radical healing through Reiki, and a variety of resources and publications.  Because of the immense need in the area of dis-ability inclusion, we offer our services to other organizations in methods and planning for increased outreach to this important and overlooked sector of the community.

DragonflyHill Urban Farm is a teaching facility, offering classes in urban farming, from soil preparation to harvest. . The Farm specializes in fruits, herbs and edible flowers and also has a small plot of seasonal vegetables. But our principle focus is on the cultivation of sustainable community connections, economic social justice and mutual support and aid. Amazing things happen when people grow food together.

The Purple Barn at DragonflyHill space for conferences (including up to 5 break out rooms), classes, meetings, events, rehearsal space, yoga and art etc. The Barn, which has space for up to 70 participants, will be available for use in January of 2011; until then we can provide meeting space for up to 30 people.  Please contact us for information about space rental and reservations.

The Museum House is a restored 1914 Craftsman duplex*, which had suffered years of neglect and now features period design, furnishings, innovative solutions to dis-ability access and reflects months of craftsmanship, research, and the extensive use of Craigslist. The front of the house is full of edible flowers, fruit trees and herbs.  Fifteen rose bushes from varieties in existence when the house was built, line the pathways. Overnight accommodations are available  for out of town activists, speakers, students and other wandering souls.

We are looking for collaborators, activists, community builders, artists, writers, actors, workers and scholars to join us on this exciting path.  Please let us know your interests  so we  can explore ways to work together.

All our events and programs are wheelchair accessible and dis-ability affirmative.  We hope to provide a model for dis-ability inclusion within the larger movement for universal human rights.

We also appeal to you for your financial support.  We make all these services available on the basis of need, not ability to pay.  Please make an end of the year TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation to help us with this work.

With sincerest wishes for a wonderful holiday season and peace with justice, in the New Year,


Emma Rosenthal

Andy Griggs

The WE Project/IHC

For more information on any of our programs please visit our webpage.


  • All donations go directly to the programs of The WE Project. Donations do not go toward property costs or personal living expenses of those residing at DragonflyHill Urban Farm.. The space for The WE Project is provided by Emma Rosenthal and Andy Griggs.


Name   _______________________ Organization__________________________




Indicate one:___$1000 ___$500 ___$250 ___$100 ___$50 ___$25 ____other

If you would like your donation to go to a specific WE Program, please indicate so here: _____________________and if paying by check, add this information to the memo line. Please make all checks out to The WE Project/IHC.

Credit Card Information:

Name on Card ________________________________________Date __________

Type of card ___Visa ___Mastercard ___Diners ___Discover

Card number____-____-____-____  Expiration Date______ CVC code_______

Amount_________   Signature_________________________________________

To make a contribution on line, via credit card: http://www.ihcenter.org/groups/weproject

To make an inkind donation from our wish list: http://amzn.com/w/21I2OA32816EI

Mail this form to:

The WE Project

345 1/2 Douglas Street

Los Angeles, CA 90026

The WE Project is a project of International Humanities Center, a 501(c)(3) Charitable Trust. All checks should be made payable directly to: The WE Project/IHC.  Contributions to The WE Project are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


The WE Project cultivates sustainable paradigms of individual and collective healing, identity and empowerment through education, dialogue, creative expression and collaboration within a social justice context.

The WE Project/IHC at DragonflyHill Urban Farm 345 ½ Douglas Street  Los Angeles, CA 90026

Web page: http://home.earthlink.net/~theweproject Blog: http://dragonflyhill.wordpress.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DragonflyhillUrbanFarm

818-404-5784        310-704-3217      theweproject@earthlink.net

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