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Emma’s Birthday Request



Dragonfly Team


My birthday is on February 11. This year I will be 57 years old, and I have a birthday request, in the spirit of building community and the deep understanding that what we do for each other we do for ourselves, I ask you to join and support some aspect of my community, either the business:  DragonflyHill Urban Farm  or the nonprofit: The WE Empowerment Center, (The WE Center) and purchase one of the many services we offer or donate so someone else can benefit.  -Emma
Exterior of DragonflyHill Urban Farm

DragonflyHill Urban Farm.


Reiki and Radical Healing: Buy a Reiki and Radical Healing session with me.

DragonflyHill Studios Photography:  Purchase a portrait or head shot session with Me and Bijan or have us come out to your house and photograph your home or other venue.

DragonflyHill Studios and Design: Have DragonflyHill Studios design a room in your house or take care of a long over due repair or complete that special project: We provide around maintenance and repairs: Cleaning, Sorting, Organizing, Fixing, Repairing, Repairs, Exterior paint, Interior Paint, Improvements, Short Term Rental cleaning and registration, Painting, House painting, Tile, Carpentry, Roofing, Window Washing, Installations, Design, Assembling Furniture, Car Wash and Detailing, Clutter Removal, Allergy Abatement, Organic Farming, Urban Farming, Landscaping, Raised bed, soil prep, composting, building, Drip Irrigation Installation and Maintenance, Cement Work.

DragonflyHill Urban Farm Bed and Breakfast Experience:
Schedule a stay with us in our beautiful suites or donate the money to a vacation or reprieve for someone coming to L.A. or someone who needs housing.

DragonflyHill Event and Space Rental:  Rent out our studio for an event you’ve been meaning to have– rehearsal space, healing space, room for classes, filming, photo studio. For film rental:

DragonflyHill Community Tax Services: Make an appointment to get your taxes done with Andy Griggs

Yoga for All Bodies: Treat yourself to a yoga class, or a series of classes at DragonflyHill Urban Farm $10-15$ a class, (sliding scale).

To make a purchase from DragonflyHill Urban Farm:
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The WE Empowerment Center.
The WE Empowerment Center logo

Our non-profit organization providing organizational support and financial receivership to the larger community.

Become a WE Empowerment Center Project:
Design your own non profit project you want to raise funds for, and sign up to be one of our projects. That community effort you’ve wanted to raise funds for, your own art work or writing; anything that falls under the umbrella of non-profit efforts can become a WE Empowerment Center project (as long as you’re aligned with the mission statement). You do the work you love to do and raise the funds. Donations (including your own) are tax deductible. We do the paperwork.

Support Emma Rosenthal Studios:

To make a donation to The WE Center go to the link provided above or simply make payments in the link below:

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