On Vaccines, Autism and Systemic Bigotry

Compiled by Emma Rosenthal, Dis-ability rights activist, educator, mother, daughter of immunologist, actually.

Lists of Resources to Refute Anti-Vaxx, Anti-autism advocates

How do Vaccines Cause Autism: http://howdovaccinescauseautism.com/

“Even if I humor anti-vaccine activists and for a second believe that vaccines cause autism in 0.01% of children they’re administered to (spoiler alert: vaccines don’t cause autism), I am still deeply disturbed that these people are more afraid of people with disabilities than they are fatal, painful and endemic diseases. If cognitive disabilities are more threatening to you than children never getting to grow up because polio makes a comeback, you have priorities to reevaluate my friend. Shame on you for brainwashing mothers and fathers into believing that autism is the absolute worst thing that can happen to a person.” http://millennialjournal.com/2015/03/24/vaccines-the-fear-of-autism-and-the-globalization-of-indifference/

Image of a tweet. Text:  Zach Weinersmith‏Verified account  @ZachWeiner   Follow  More Wait. If autism-spectrum people are over-represented in the sciences... wouldn't that imply that... autism causes vaccines?! RETWEETS 2,017 LIKES 2,547 Mahima RanaJenny ParhamA Staccato SemibreveAidan MouseAndrewmyaccountgothackedJasmine VanceHNCANAN 10:14 AM - 22 Feb 2016

Description: Screen shot of a tweet. Text: From Zach Weinersmith (@ZachWeiner) on Twitter: “Wait. If autism-spectrum people are over-represented in the sciences… wouldn’t that imply that… autism causes vaccines?!” https://twitter.com/ZachWeiner/status/701832529309872129

mage of a cartoon by Zach Weiner. Two people talking. One says

Cartoon by Zach Weiner 

This list is a work in progress with newer articles posted at the top of the page, with the date they were posted:

  • “Once more for the anti-vaxxers in the back: vaccines do not cause autism. And, also, don’t treat autistic people like their existence is worse than a pandemic.”
    Samantha Bee Rejoices That Tech Companies Are Finally Tamping Down On Anti-Vaxxer Propaganda

  • “Choosing not to vaccinate puts the most vulnerable people in society at risk, especially those who for various reasons can’t be vaccinated, and it also feeds the false narrative that autism must be negative, said Morénike Giwa Onaiwu, co–executive director of the Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network.
    Essentially, it seems to imply that death is preferable to autism — whether that’s the death of one’s own unvaccinated child or the deaths of other innocent people whose health was endangered by exposure to others who chose not to vaccinate,” she said.
    Falsely claiming vaccines cause autism also gives people a way out of actually accepting autistic people, she said.If there’s some villainous reason why people are like me, people don’t have to acknowledge that autism is a natural, inherent variation of human neurology; that it’s a form of diversity in the way that gender and ethnicity are,” she told BuzzFeed News.”
    Autistic People Say Anti-Vax Misinformation Is Only Making Matters Worse
Cartoon image with six boxes of dialogue, in three pairs. In the first pair of boxes one parent says


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