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In BeEmma Rosenthal;  Photo by Marilyn Loebd With Frida Kahlo is an internet publication of The WE Project/IHC and is written and  maintained by Emma Rosenthal. The WE Project is a project The WE Empowerment Center

The WE Empowerment Center cultivates sustainable paradigms of individual and collective healing, identity and empowerment through education, dialogue, creative expression and collaboration.

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2 responses to “How to support this blog!

  1. emmarosenthal

    Frida kahlo was a woman with several dis-abilities and often used a wheelchair. This blog is named for her, and is about the problems with dis-ability access and the hostility toward it in los angeles. what is your policy on dis-ability inclusion and how do you assure that someone with a dis-ability would be welcome, safe and treated with respect? Would Frida herself, be able to attend this event?

  2. We’re hosting Fridamania! a free to the community event about Frida Kahlo in Los Angeles, CA on March 24th and 25th.

    The event includes children’s workshops, lectures by Gregorio Luke, well
    known expert and author on Frida’s life, and rare personal images taken by
    the late Columbian photographer Leo Matiz, a friend of Frida Kahlo and
    Diego Rivera, and local artisans selling Frida Kahlo items they have created.

    We’re a nonprofit art gallery that has been operating in Downtown Los
    Angeles for over 30 years. Event information:

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