Site under construction: Pardon the sawdust

This blog was originally housed at, where it was very happy. Blogsource merged with live digital and the blogsource blogs were exported there. I never became comfortable with live digital, it was more of a networking site than a blogging server and the comments got clogged with spam from other live digital sites, often with material counterintuitive to this blog. The blog functions were clunky and difficult to use. Finally live digital also shut down and there was no mechanism for exporting the blog to another blog site.

The material on this blog is an important archive, as are the other blogs I host, so I have the daunting task of reposting every entry along with every image, one by one. (I did make both digital and hard copies of this blog.) For all three blogs (Emma’s Room –formerly Emma Rosenthal- ¡Cafe Intifada! and In Bed with Frida Kahlo, this amounts to more than 200,000 words and several images.

I would imagine that there will be some editing in the process, but the most important posts will be retained. I will be back dating each post to the original post date.

Links may take a bit longer to update.

So bear with me as I reconstruct my deconstructions (how post-modern!) and excuse the sawdust.
photo by emma rosenthal